The Bruckmuehle is perfectly located to visit sites & destinations to nearly every taste. You will find a little selection below - beyond that we will help you planning your stay and making it a memorable one. Maybe we've even got some inside tips for you ... feel free to contact us!

Lakes & Rivers

Located at the northern foothills of the alps our region is well known for its huge selection of lakes and rivers.

You can get to the Chiemsee, the so-called 'bavarian sea', within one driving hour by following the A8 southeastwards (ca. 52 km). Enjoy a boat trip to the beautiful islands of the Chiemsee. You can visit the famous castle of Ludwig II. at Herrenchiemsee or one of the traditional inns at the Fraueninsel. During summer the Chiemsee is well tempered so you may enjoy some swimming hours at one of the various little bathing locations around the lake or on the islands.

Make sure not to miss the Starnberger See, one of Bavarias most famous lakes and just 45 km away from the Bruckmuehle. Check out the busy district town Starnberg, beautiful beaches at the lakes eastside and wonderful villages like Seeshaupt or Tutzing. If you like cycling a trip around the lake is a great daily adventure or explore different sites of the lake - without pedaling - by boat.

A bit smaller but not less beautiful is the Tegernsee with its well-known villages Gmund, Bad Wiesse, Rottach-Egern (as shown in the picture above) and of course the town of Tegernsee itself. You've maybe heard of the famous Bräustüberl, one of the most traditional Bavarian inns and definetly worth a visit. Enjoy original Bavarian food and garnish your meal with a sip (or two) of the famous Tegernseer Beer. Cheers!

Another lovely pair of lakes are Kochelsee (ca. 53 km) and Walchensee (ca. 60 km). Thogether they mark an unique combination, because due to their difference in highs they form the basis of the Walchenseekraftwerk, one of the Bavarias biggest storage power stations.

More lakes worth seeing ...

  • Schliersee (ca. 18 km)
  • Simssee (ca. 44 km)
  • Sylvenstein-Stausee (ca. 48 km)

... and many more lovely little lakes waiting to get explored by you!

The Mangfall as a mostly natural finished river is enjoyed by rafters, sunbathers and nature lovers similiarly. More interesting rivers like Isar or Loisach are also not too far away.

Mountains & Hiking

As a result of our location at the northern end of the alps there are many tour options for hikers and mountaineers. To get on Germanys highest summit 'Zugspitze' by foot means an alpine adventure just for sporty ones. If you like it more 'comfortable' you can find yourself getting on the top by the new record-breaking ropeway which lifts you from Garmisch-Partenkirchen to the Zugspitze in just a few minutes. Besides there are plenty of other ropeways that help you reaching summits to watch our beautiful region from above. Examples for look-out peaks reachable by ropeways are the Herzogstand at Kochelsee/Walchensee, the Wallberg at the Tegernsee or the Brauneck near Lenggries.

For all hikers and mountaineers there a lots of routes accesible within one driving hour. One more tip ... catch an unvorgettable glimpse of the forces of nature by checking out the ravines of Partnach- and Höllentalklamm in Garmisch-Partenkirchen.


Our region is not just known for its nature spots but also for urban areas. Bavarias state capital Munich is not far away (ca. 32 km) and definetly worth a visit. Check out famous sightseeing spots like Marienplatz, Frauenkirche and Karlsplatz or find yourself in one of the many shopping stores. Munichs Olympiapark as the home of 1972's Olympics, the BMW World or the home of the FC Bayern Munich, the Allianz Arena are also great sites to visit. Many beer garden and cafés invite you to relax after your trip to the city.

For those of you who like it not that big the town of Bad Tölz (ca. 17 km) is a place you will fall in love with. Its charming citycenter called 'Marktstraße' is a pedestrian zone where you can explore old buildings, nice traditional restaurants and cafés or little stores while walking on old cobblestone pavement. Get your feet a rest by diving them into the Isar river after a long time of walking in the town. The Isar flows directly through the city center of Bad Tölz and makes the scenery even more beautiful.


The Southern of Bavaria is definetly a winter sports region and we are proud of many options for different kind of winter sports. Skiers & snowboarders reach the family-friendly ski resort 'Brauneck' in about 30 driving minutes. You will also find great slopes in Bayerischzell (ski resort Sudelfeld | ca. 33 km) and in Schliersee (ski resort Spitzingsee | ca. 29 km). The town of Garmisch-Partenkirchen welcomes you with a special combination of ski resorts. Go skiing on the glacier of the Zugspitze at an altitude of almost 2700 m or ride down the famous Kandahar (world cup downhill racetrack) at the ski resort 'Garmisch Classic'.

There are also many wonderful ski touring routes at different levels of difficulty. If theres is enough snow lots of tracks for cross-country skiers are prepared in the entire region. Hotspots like Wildbad Kreuth or Jachenau are blessed with top conditions during almost the whole winter.

Wellness & SPA

Time to relax ...

  • Therme Erding (ca. 64 km)
  • Kristall Therme in Kochel am See (ca. 51 km)
  • Therme Bad Aibling (ca. 25 km)
  • Monte Mare Sauna destinations in Tegernsee (ca. 24 km) and Schliersee (ca. 18 km)

Museum & Culture

Enjoy various cultural opportunities ...

  • Franz Marc museum in Kochel am See (ca. 51 km)
  • outdoor museum Glentleiten (ca. 58 km)
  • Markus Wasmeiers outdoor museum (ca. 22 km)
  • Lokschuppen Rosenheim (ca. 34 km)


Special tips for kids & grown-ups

  • Zoo Hellabrunn in Munich (ca. 38 km)
  • Deer Park Hellabrunn (ca. 50 km)
  • Toboggan run at Blomberg (ca. 30 km)


Airport & Fair

  • International Airport Munich (ca. 68 km)
  • Munich fair (ca. 45 km)